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Sep 18, 2014
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Hi :) - so I'm starting new series of journals with useful resources - mainly because I'm running out of topics to write about and I just like some diversity. (I'll continue to post general art/motivational journals too every now and then)
Here are some of my favorite youtube artists, that inspire me and I hope that these resources might be helpful for you too.  :) (Smile) 

Level Up
'Level up!' is an idea of two Polish artists - Wojtek Fus ( WojciechFus ) and Darek Zabrocki ( daRoz ), who want to teach and learn from each other. Level Up has expanded a host team by amazing Jonas De Ro (JonasDeRo ) There are weekly, 2 to 3-hours long livestreams with critiques, overpaintings and Q&A's. It's so wonderful to watch them paint and talks about important tips on art and life as an artists. Also check out their lovely Facebook group and website with lots of resources.


Art videos that inspire, instruct, and entertain by Sycra Yasin ( Sycra ), who is a freelance artist and online art instructor on YouTube and His videos are so educational and he explains art fundamentals so wisely and quite great to understand. He also has a lots of resources on his website


Instructional How to Draw videos for artists by Stan Prokopenko. His drawing lessons are approachable enough for beginners and detailed enough for advanced artists. His philosophy is to teach timeless concepts in an entertaining way. Really adore his figure drawing videos.


Awesome videos - tutorials and speedpaintings by sinix . He provides different unique videos that offer people other ways to indulge in their love for art and all things creative. His "Montly Inspiration" videos are my favorite. 


Digital art tutorials by incredible artist Marc Brunet (Bluefley ) . It's so great to hear his thought-process along the stunning artworks that he makes and records on youtube videos. 

Captivating videos with lots of great insights by Feng Zhu, who 
has been working in the entertainment design industry for the past 15 years. There are lots of great advice and tips on art process. 

So, how about you - who are your favorite youtube artists? 

This week I found some lovely resources - two tumblr blogs about art/style/design - this and this one, awesome post about creative thinking by Grant Snider, great pinterest board about creative crafts, epic video of how were made the gravity scenes in Inception, the "secret door", that takes you to absolutely random place on Earth and inspiring video of Iain McCaig, who is best known as a principal designer on the three Star Wars prequels. :)


P.S. I quite frequently post some sketches and artworks in my art tumblr - and I have a weekly Music Sunday post on  and weekly 8 songs playlist.
and a youtube art channel:) (Smile) 

Have a wonderful week!

"There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything. Negative people find their walls. So never apologize for your enthusiasm. Never. Ever. Never."

Ryan Adams

There is a lot of stress and struggle in our everyday lives. Anxiety, resistence, doubts, self-loathing.. but how to deal with them and make the art we are really excited about?

Here are some of my thoughts about the topic and I hope that they might be helpful.  :) (Smile) 

People strive so much for the easiest ways to achieve something, the fastest way to get to results, to get the reward without actually doing things .. but, as soon as there needs to be a hard work put in the process, as soon as it happens to be more difficult along the way, we tend to get frustrated and give up, because of not seeing instant results right away.

It takes time.

Whether it's developing new skill, working on new project - meaningful things so often take a lot of patience in order to make them. Overnight success happens so rarely and mostly for those, who work extremely hard on their craft. 
If you just complain that - oh, I have no time to make art, then think about your priorities. Think about time wasters in your life- countless hours on social media sites, always checking your e-mail, spending so much time at looking at tv, meaningless videos. Plan your time in a way that works the best for you and ask yourself if art is what matters to you the most. 

We tend to take so many things for granted and we have so many excuses, that really are pointless. 
Like - I don't have this fancy & expensive book, so therefore I can't learn how to draw. Well - It's just so silly and childlish to think that we will always have to have the best and most worthy resources in order to learn. 
There are so many amazing tutorials, books, articles online (and in the library) - the knowledge is there for free if you know what you are looking for. Take a look at these free art programs , free art books  , tutorials . (and you can also torrent things, if you really, really, need them

As long as you have pencil and piece of paper - you can always sketch things, anytime. 
About the fancy Photoshop brushes - there is a reason why they work for artists who made them/use them often, because they know how to do that and It's part of their workflow. Downloading the cool brushes and thinking that it would make you instantly an amazing artist and getting frustrated when it doesn't happen - the right brushes can make some things easier, but if you don't know how to use them properly - it won't magically make stunning paintings in your place.

The same goes for costly art tools. You limit yourself if you think that in order to make great art you would need the greatest equipment there is. They are all just tools. 
About two years ago I really wanted to have a digital tablet, but I just couldn't afford it at that time. So, instead of whining and being sad, I made more traditional stuff back then. After half a year, there was a local art contest, so I tried my best, painting an illustration after school, in the middle of the night - even when I was busy with studies and there was such a small chance that I could win anything. But.. I got the 2nd place and got some money - that I spent on my Wacom Bamboo. It didn't matter to me that it's was the cheapest one, or that it was small and the drivers are glitching every now and then. But it was something I could work with and I use it nowadays a lot and I'm happy with it. 

Also - dont't beat yourself down by thinking that you won't ever improve and that you'll never be good enough. We learn about art all our lives and at different speed - try to study new things with every artwork, challenge yourself. Artists, that you admire, have worked hard to get there where they are now - it may look easy for them, but in reality noone likes to share their insecurities and failures. We all are humans and we all make mistakes - it's about how persistent we are, how we can deal with struggle and move on towards our goals. Having bad moments in our lifes, dealing with loss, doubts, people who don't support us.. when we let those things have a negative impact, to stay in a way of our passion, we just feel more helpless and more sad every single day. 

You will never have the perfect timing, the perfect tools, mood, time to do the things you really want to do.
But deal with the obstacles, be stronger than that - 
and make the best of the time that you have and carry on your creative journey. 
and great things will happen

So, how about you - what are your thoughts about dealing with struggle? 

This week I found some lovely resources - list of blogs about creative inspiration, The Mind of a Chef - series about cooking and travelling, amazing Supernatural videos - including s9 Gag Reel and hilarious "Behind the Scenes of Supernatural: A Fan’s Perspective", awesome game - "Robot Unicorn Attack", articles - "10 Ways to Find Your Purpose as a Designer"  and "Struggle Is a Sure Sign You’re Creating Art" and stunning sci-fi short movie - Pumzi - dir. Wanuri Kahiu // Kenya. 

P.S. I quite frequently post some sketches and artworks in my art tumblr - and I have a weekly Music Sunday post on  and weekly 8 songs playlist.
and a youtube art channel:) (Smile) 

Have a wonderful week!

"Dont be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so. - by Belva Davis


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